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  1. If you surrender to an experience or emotion, you stop trying to prevent or control it: I finally surrendered to temptation, and ate the last piece of chocolate.
  2. The Surrender is a unique Ezomyte Tower Shield Ezomyte Tower Shield Chance to Block: 24% Armour: Movement Speed: 3% Requires Level 64, Str +() to maximum Life. Named after the Alderiate's mental breakdown, indeed, he was about to surrender the league, but Chris Wilson helped him to drop THE thing that'll made Alderiate stay and farm.
  3. Surrender, surrender But don't give yourself away Father says your mother's right She's really up on things Before we married Mommy served In the WACs. Surrender. Diana Ross. I'm Still Waiting. night That I walked the floor for you And don't know you must erase All the tearstairs on my face Surrender your love baby Surrender your love.
  4. Oct 29,  · “Surrender” was written by Natalie Taylor and her husband, John Howard, about a relationship ending after hardship. It has been featured in .
  5. Surrender definition is - to yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand. How to use surrender in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of surrender.
  6. Surrender is the third and final book in the Careless Whispers Series. This explosive conclusion offers a perfect blend of action, romance, passion, and intrigue. "Let's go eat and plan our enemies' demise." Surrender picks up directly after Demand and Ella has discovered more of her identity and reconnected with her best friend Sara/5.
  7. To give up, return, or yield. The word surrender presupposes the possession or ownership of the thing that is to be returned or given up. It indicates a transfer of title as well as possession, but it does not express or in any way suggest the transaction of a sale and delivery. Instead, it involves yielding or delivering in response to a demand.
  8. The act or an instance of surrendering: The general demanded the unconditional surrender of the fort. 2. Law The yielding of the possession of an estate to a party with a reversion or remainder interest in the estate, or of a lease to a landlord, prior to the term's expiration.
  9. "No surrender" was the steadfast motto of Bismarck and his royal master. Finally, to complete his character, Mejan offered to surrender for , ducats. He was in Vicksburg, although you may not have heard of him there, but he got out before the surrender.

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